Chamber Vacuum Bag

Product Introduction

  • Economical and Accept Custom Size.

  • NOT FOR USE WITH FOOD SAVER HOUSEHOLD VACUUM SEALERS - for use with chamber vacuum sealer machines and heat bag sealers only.

  • Preserves Food Quality - Keep your food fresh and delicious with our vacuum chamber pouches! These seal bags block moisture and oxygen, effectively sealing soups, sauces, marinades, and other food items you have.

  • Tough Enough for Any Job - Need a trusty packing solution for the kitchen? These vacuum sealer pouches can take a beating! Avid Armor's sealer bags are ideal for vacuum packing meat and fish, sous vide cooking, marinating, freezing, and so much more.

  • Safe to Use - Worried about the safety of your food? Our BPA-free vacuum bag sealer will keep your food and drinks fresh and ready. These vac seal bags are suitable for daily use.

  • Planet-Friendly Storage Solution - Most one-use packs only add to unnecessary waste–ours don't! The vacuum chamber pouch is made of sustainable materials that can be recycled and reused. Help us save the planet, one vacuum seal bag at a time.