Cushion Foil Wrap

Product Introduction

  • INSULATED FOIL: unprinted insulated foil sandwich wrap sheets are perfect for wrapping hot food items in your restaurant, cafe, concession stand, snack bar, or food truck! Laminated with paper, these cushion foil sheets lock in heat, keeping everything from hot sandwiches, burritos, and subs to juicy hamburgers and baked potatoes hot and ready to eat.

  • GREASE RESISTANT: Featuring a grease-resistant property, these laminated foil sheets will prevent grease leakage and keep your customers' hands clean while maintaining an appetizing appearance on the grab-and-go shelves at your cafeteria or convenience store.

  • HONEYCOMB CUSHION: The cushioned honeycomb foil interior adds extra protection to your products, so soft buns won't be crushed and sesame seeds will remain attached.

  • UNPRINTED DESIGN: The unprinted design allows you to easily write on the foil or use labels to distinguish between similar items.

  • PRE-CUT SHEETS: There is no need to waste time unrolling and estimating sheet sizes to cut.